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For English

To contact customers from abroad
Thank you very much for being interested in Cb750cafe.

The sales form in Japan is based on the ordering manufacture as a complete vehicle at present.
There are very many inquiries from an overseas visitor, and most of them hope for the purchase with the part kit.
We are surprised seriously that everybody has the technology which installs it and processes it by oneself.
However, this customization part becomes basic in an exclusive design of RC42 (cb750), so it would be the work by which it takes time to install it in the vehicle besides that seriously difficultly with time.
And we can imagine that will never satisfying vehicle in terms of safety and completeness. And we want to tell first, that isn’t the customization we hope.
It’s been taking time, but we are looking into how to sell overseas, then purchase and sales preparation.
We will notify in this site when we are ready. So please be patient.

In addition, fundamental sales terms are considered as follows.
1.Only the person who has the vehicle of CB750(RC-42) will sell it
2.Kit exterior is based on sales in the non-painted parts.
3.Payment is only a bank transfer, and the card cannot be settled.
4.After confirmation of payment in full, including shipping, will ship the item.
5. A due date is about 30 days from an application. (Build-to-order)


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